Saturday, March 30, 2013

My Point One Percent Effort...

Hot Cross Buns in box in car.

Early on, as in when it became pretty dang clear Judy and I would be self-publishing HXB because the 60-plus rejections notices from potential agents were depressing the he-double-hockey-sticks out of us, and we learned self-publishing is THE way to go, I told Judy no way was I going to peddle books around in the back of my car.

See above photo and laugh at me.

For the first time since late October, I have a box of HXB in my Toyota.  And I'm not talking about the tasteless pastry you'll be chowing on tomorrow.

Anyway, while I opted to do the fun stuff involved in push HXB out into the world, like blog, Tweet, and go to book groups and readings, Judy took the bit in her mouth and has done 99.9 percent of the distribution/business work required.  The photo above is the point one percent of my distribution effort and thus worthy of  a photo.

Thanks, co-authorette and happy Easter.

Oh, and take tomorrow off.

And one more thing.  I'll drop these at the Coeur d'Alene Hastings this afternoon.



Saturday, March 16, 2013

Hot Cross Buns, Literally...No Pun Intended

HXB Anyone?

Judy and I ventured to another book group this week, and take note of the photo above.  Friend and hostess, Mel, shared some HCB love with a plate of HXB...THAT NO ONE ATE!
(NOTE:  HCB = the book. HXB = the bun)
The untouched buns conjured up a new item on my list of preoccupations -- when was the last time I consumed a HXB?  (Don't scoff, this kind of thing can spin my head in about 10 different directions, from why I don't eat more hard boiled eggs, my grandma's Easter lamb -- in shape only --  cake, to my recent craving for carbs and the validity of "reduced fat" in reduced fat Wheat Thins.)  
Anyway, how would I know and who cares when I had my last HCB? But since I'm on the topic...
My guess is it was before my taste buds became fully developed and connected directly to my brain which by that time understood the concepts of free will and fear.  At some point, I discovered the only part of a HXB bun worth eating was the sugary cross. I freely indulged myself. Then, at yet again some later point, I realized one risks going to hell if one licks the cross off all the buns, thus rendering them inedible for others.  (As if others wanted to eat them, right?) 
Alas, there was a much deeper, spiritual issue at hand reaching way beyond bun wrecking, which in itself is maybe a venial sin, and even that's a stretch.  (For nonCatholic readers, venial sins don't send you speeding pass go and directly to hell when you die.  You just simmer a spell in purgatory.)
You see, when we talk about HXB, we're also talking Easter, the holiest of holiest times for Catholics and others of christian persuasion. Crosses are a HUGE deal during Easter, as is rising from the dead and what not. And we all know the cross preceded the rising part. You get my point.  I'm no fool, the last thing I wanted to do was mess with crosses during Easter season (Yes, Easter is a season, just ask a nun if you want to check my references on this or anything else for that matter.). 
Oh and I may have mentioned this before, but the only difference between a HXB and a teething biscuit is the texture.
I'm no closer to answering the original question than when I started.  Imagine that. Now you're a little closer to knowing what it is like to live in my head.
But hey, thanks, Mel!  The buns were a great exclamation point to the gathering!

Monday, March 11, 2013

Somewhere On A Beach In China

A good spot to read HCB and practice walking on water -- body to body

As you must recall, Hot Cross Buns is a beach/dock read.

And the stats today say Slowreadtoasunburn has four readers in China. 

If you see them, tell them thanks for reading and to keep their water wings close at hand.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Why Of Course I'll Sign...

I sign on demand.

Thank you Mrs. Phipps for requesting a signing of Hot Cross Buns at Jess Walter's book signing.  I was a little forlorned that the line of book signers for Mr. Walter's wrapped around Auntie's Book Store twice.  You cheered me up tremendously.