Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Please, Throw Me A Bone!

STILL messed up foot followed by...

checklist for visit to dermatologist

Yes, I've been horribly remiss about Slowreadtoasunburn.  I'd like to blame this condition on  lack of activity surrounding Hot Cross Buns, but I can't.  Judy and I have been on a constant run to book groups.  We even got our taxes done, but more on that another time.
I've been absent from the blog for one over-arching reason followed by a subset of others.
Attitude would be the over-arching reason.  The one parked on my shoulder is about the size of a 1960s Buick. See the above for the subset. 
I do not do well when I can't ride my bike, run or otherwise recreate.  Just ask Judy.  Why do you think it took six years to write the book?
The second photo?  It's a first cousin to the first one.  I like to be outside all the time. Always have.  Always will.  Alas, this hankering to be outdoors -- along with my Irish gene pool -- has prompted every six months visits to have god only knows what burned, frozen and cut off my carcass.  So, while some people pick their nose with boredom, I absentmindedly preen myself looking for carbuncles Dr. Hsu can hack away at.  And I keep a list of what I find.  I have gotten so efficient.  I also like to think it's helpful to Dr. Hsu, too.
So, tell me if I'm wrong, but if you put the foot and the derm list together, would you not feel a little pinched?
The one good part to this otherwise whiney discourse?  I'm finally sitting down to read HXB!