Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Famously Indie We Are. Almost

Indie Book Award Web Page (placed here only because I just learned to copy and paste web pages)

The term "Indie" is thrown around a lot these days in the world of writing and publishing.  Thus far, I have been able to do my Oh, yeah, Indie, sure. Indie. I know about that. when in reality, my brain is squinting because I don't know what the hell Indie means.
I'm usually quick to grab a dictionary.  It's a Catholic school thing.  Well, really it's an I want to sound somewhat literate thing, but with Bill Gates' built-in dictionary -- as weak as it is -- I've gotten lazy. I needed a real definition fast so to Google I went and then to the sure-deal source of solid info... Wikipedia.  Hey if it's good enough to get the Pentagon's undies in a wad, it's good enough for me. 
So, Indie is either a rock found primarily in the UK or a synonym for independence.  I'm going with the independence definition.
Independence works better with Hot Cross Buns being named a finalist in the 1913 Indie Book Awards. The independent part means entries had to be self-published. There were four finalist and one winner, who I frequently call The Butt Head.
We were in the romance category, again.  Remember the Amazon Break Through Awards when we made the cut from 10,000 books to 2,000 and were beat out in the romance category by a book that had the word slut in the title?  Yeah, well, we stayed with the romance category because HXB doesn't fit historical nonfiction or other well-defined categories.  (I'm starting to visualize our little book going to a party and never finding a group where it fits in so sits in a corner by itself, but maybe that's just me parlaying my personal life on HXB.
The 2013 book award season has come to an end.  Since I do better with athletic references, I'll sum up our performance with this:  We had a clean entry. The sluts just came in a little stronger in front.

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