Friday, June 7, 2013


My Coffee Spot and Seller of HXB

First a brief backstory, or maybe mostly backstory.

See the Atticus sign above?  It's a fabulous shop in downtown Spokane full of fun incidentals and best of all, the most savory coffee in town  -- in my humble opinion, anyway.  As is happens, the proprietors, Kris and Andy Dinnison, recently purchased the midcentury modern home next door to the house I grew up in on the South Hill.

I covet their lives.  I would give at least ten toe nails to live in their house, and I remind them almost weekly I want to work in their warm, friendly and gifted shop.  Yes, I want to be a barista, sooner than later.  John, the main barista (baristo?), kick starts my day with a mild-mannered greeting or sometimes a slight yank on my chain, oh and a great latte. No head phones or screaming coffee orders here.

But here is the really cool deal.  Kris just had her book purchased by a publisher!  Yes!  

Okay, I couldn't ask her the title because I'm supposed to know it already, but it is coming out in October!

PS:  Check out the shops small but pot-of-gold book section! 

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