Monday, July 29, 2013

And The Winner Almost Is...

Finalist: A contestant in the final part of a contest, a.k.a., HCB

I'd like to say I've been too busy sitting on my can in a dock chair reading dock books, but I haven't. The upside? No sunburn.  A foot issue has kept me in the shade.  I know, I should be enjoying my summer reads in a shaded hammock, but I argue a dock book can only be fully enjoyed while read under the threat of water damage.
Anyway, look what showed up in the mail the other day?  A chunk of metal!  Turns out HCB was/is a finalist in the Independent Book Publishing Professionals Group INDIE Awards.  I received an email a couple of months ago informing me HCB was a finalist in the romance category (We've decided to stick with the romance category because Judy and I still don't know what category HCB really fits in.). Attached to the email was a certificate. and being the cynic I am, I dissed the for framing purposes certificate. The mostly ignored email also carried information about the fancy booklet of finalists and winners being sent to "important people," as well as an invitation to the annual INDIE conference in NYC where we could meet said "important people."
Well, dang, if this piece of metal didn't prod me to read the fine print.  Turns out there was/is but one winner and four finalists in each category.  So, statistically, HCB did damn well!
The real bummer, the conference was at the Harvard Club!  Now that, would have been cool.
Lesson learned:  Do not poo poo any congratulatory emails regarding HCB.  Publishing Clearing House, yes, book people, no.

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