Thursday, November 21, 2013

And So It Continues

Southside Hastings. Circa October 2013

It's been over a year since Hot Cross Buns hit Amazon, bookstores and book groups. The above photo kind of says it all...  Yes, I need a hair cut, but more important, Judy and I are still out there with our "I dare you to write a book" book.

I'm thinking our next tome could be a profile on book groups. We've certainly researched the topic. If we combined the book groups we've visited this year into one crowd, we'd have ourselves a congregation -- a church!.  It would be a church high on good food, drink and  laughter, yet low on pretty much anything biblical unless the read was the book.

Back to the photo.  Aside from book groups, we've also dabbled in events like the one Hastings hosted last month.  They invited local writers to come and sell their books. A great deal for us, right? A face-to-face with shoppers. It is very kind of Hastings to do this for the locals.  At this particular book meet, Judy covered the first couple of hours and I two-wheeled in after sneaking in a bike ride -- hence the Under Armour and helmet hair -- to cover the second half.  Judy sold books.  I didn't.  Thing is, I got all sidetracked talking with other writers and even wandered away into the store for a few minutes.  That is not how one procures book sales.

Lesson learned, it is probably a good thing Judy is doing the big Auntie's Bookstore event Thanksgiving weekend.  I will be out of town, and I can tell Judy is okay with thit. I think I might be the sales associate from hell. A friend of Judy's visiting from Seattle will go with her and probably do a lot better than I would.

Yep, give me book groups any day.  I get those people, never mind they've already purchased the dang book.  The audience is captive and so am I.  And I know better than to wander about some unknown host's house. Nope, there's a stick-to-itiveness book groups require that suit my short attention span and manners.

In the meantime, let me know what you thing of the church idea.

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