Saturday, January 4, 2014

Hot Cross Buns 2?

The Game Plan

I know, the above just looks like gibberish.  Alas, it is the finely executed outline for a sequel to Hot Cross Buns.  
Remember Sister Sheila Mary, the Franciscan Sister of Perpetual Adoration (I love spelling out FSPA.)  who taught me how to outline a term paper?  Yeah, well, she would not bestow oodles of praise on this outline, a.k.a., game plan. If we learned anything writing and editing HCB, it was to strive for shortcuts.  Sorry, Sister.
Judy and I return to the birthplace of HCB tomorrow morning to ponder a sequel, HCB2.  I just hope we beat the after church crowd.  I'm also craving some Rockwood Bakery granola.  That HCB2 isn't at the forefront of my thoughts is perhaps problematic.  It's also a reminder of just  how long it took to write HCB -- I guess I should call it HCB1.
Anyway, this year, the single-most asked questioned of us authorettes was "Are you writing a sequel?"

Sometimes, we responded with a quick-fire "No."  Sometimes we just looked at each other in utter blankness. Twenty-some book groups later, we're warming to the question. We've even been known to ask readers which of the 500 characters in HCB1 they would like to see in a sequel, hence the gibberish/game plan/outline.

So, tomorrow we'll down some granola and get ourselves hyped up on caffeine and then we'll decide the potential future of HCB2.

Oh, and feel free to chime in on 1. HCB2 or no HCB2 and/or which characters from HCB1 would you like to follow up on while sitting on a beach/plane/dock?


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